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photo-2Shilpa Bhatnagar established Ideado Consulting in 2013. Shilpa is a qualified urban planner and placemaking professional with over 12 years of international experience in strategic urban development, masterplaning, destination and placemaking projects. Prior to establishing Ideado Consulting, Shilpa has led and been a member of many successful teams at companies like Feedback Ventures India, Knight Frank, Locum Consulting UK and Colliers International UK.

She has worked on a large number of successful urban development and destination projects, including playing a leading role in creating destination masterplans for India’s first two privatised airport cities in New Delhi and Mumbai, as part of the Build-Operate-Tranfer pitching process. She has also been involved in advising on several medium to large scale mixed use developments with a mix of residential, retail, commercial and leisure components around India.

Since 2006, Shilpa has been based in London, UK and has gone on to work on several major projects in the UK, Europe, Asia and Middle East, including a major European airport city, one of the largest new city developments in Saudi Arabia, and advising on the redesign of the visitor experience at one of the world’s best known landmarks – the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia.

Shilpa is also a writer and editor with a wide range of technical and creative works to her name. In addition to providing technical advice to clients, she has been involved in writing, designing and managing the creation of branding and marketing collateral for a number of projects as well as for the teams she has worked with. Shilpa regularly writes columns and features on urbanism and design for several mainstream web and print publications. Her writing been published in Forbes Life India, The Times of India, British Airways’ Metrotwin Mumbai and Spotted by Locals, amongst several others. She also writes a popular blog on urbanism, travel, photography and design at

Shilpa has an MSc in City Design and Social Science from the London School of Economics and a Bachelors degree in Planning from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi (India). In early 2014, she was accepted as a member of the Placemaking Leadership Council


  • “We engaged Shilpa to conduct the research element of a place brand project in 2013. Community engagement and analysis under Shilpa’s expert guidance provided the critical part of a hugely successful project, during which her international experience offered insight into the sensitivities involved and allowed her to relate with stakeholders from all backgrounds. The analysis she provided repeatedly delivers value to a range of projects, from planning to marketing, and the transparency of her work ensures it’s credibility. I would recommend working with Ideado Consulting and value Shilpa’s experience across a range of disciplines.” –

    Donald Campbell, Head of Marketing and Communications, Team London Bridge

  • “Shilpa brings a deep understanding of how effective urban development can contribute to a distinct sense of place and how it can help create a powerful brand identity for a destination. She gets work done on time and within budget, expresses herself clearly with some style and has a very good visual sense”

    Malcolm Allan, Managing Director, Place Matters

  • “Shilpa is smart, dedicated, professional and, most importantly of all, passionate about what she does” – 


    Seán Young, Director, Colliers International UK

  • “A multi-skilled and dedicated professional, with good communication and management skills! “ 

    Parvesh Minocha,  Group Managing Director, Feedback Infrastructure Services Pvt Ltd

  • “Shilpa is a highly intelligent and driven young lady… she is thorough with an attention to detail and I would say punches well above her weight.”

    Philip Harcourt, Managing Director, Development Solutions.